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Spin or rotate
like the earth,
engine magnetics
if it's mathematic-tac abstract a visual image
from static-tac to circular motion,
fundamental and elementary physics -
science like an aeroplane spinning dynamically with smoking autorotation as whirlwind ground fires from rubber wheels.
Life is not a movie.
Higher ground
from a car to bicycle,
tech moving art like a place,
even in books entertainment and a spinin' circles dance to music -
social phobias spinning silk as replaced web spidering true conditions
if not a house then a city and it's all a home!
Earth is a globe and has no spirit?
One world and the earth is spinning.


What is spin?

Spin is today more than it's origin from the word in english: to rotate rapidly - a swift whirling motion;
it's a headline for many communication tools, that takes, turns or navigates a message or meaning  to a different point or direction.

Some defines spin widely as strategic communication and some only as tactic, something formulation wise, that part of communication aiming to make yourself or your message look nicer.
Most people think the latter, which could itself be spin - it's a nicer opinion.
You will find examples of spin everywhere.
Mostly media relates to spin as politics connected to a public opinion - it's because politicians spin in public debates.
Spin has become part of corporate strategic communications for better or worse!
Usually workers think that management messages are made to apear as positive as can be - tactic communication, but management often use inaccuracy and non-relavant information to blur -
f. ex. a pile of papers, reports, non-objective articles etc. is often used in corporate communication, law practice and politics to burry or sink your opponent - for strategic purpose.
Setting a new agenda is not necessarily tactics unless it contains blank statements.

To form a web or cocoon by extruding viscous sticky threads is for many a right understanding of spin - it's either a trap or to create a change, a metamophorsis.
It's death or rebirth!

If you think there is no ultimate truth nor reality in existence, then there's no way around or any way to avoid spin.
You would be for it.
This is not of Einstein - this is a no brainer...
just like dizziness is not a state of mental confusion!

Today it has become more important who delivers the message, than the information or message itself!
Some think spin ain't anything but manipulation and propaganda and as such a threath to democracy!
Then remember spun tales for the children are just as important as
First Amendment to the United States Constitution rights to free speech.


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